Price: 9,900,000.00 IDR


The short block installation kit comes with everything you need to install a Crawford Performance short block into your 13+ BRZ/FRS/GT-86. While we have found most of these parts to work the best for the reliability, longevity and power potential of the vehicle, Crawford Performance did custom design their own heads studs that ARP now supplies for Crawford Performance and almost every Subaru engine builder in the market today.

If you are in the market for a short block you are going to need an install kit and this is the one of choice, preferred by more engine builders in North America. All parts are brand new, as they should be when installing a short block and designed to handle power levels of up to 700+ horsepower.


Included Items

Installation Kit includes:
- ARP Head Studs
- OEM Head Gaskets
- Oil Pump with bolts and seal
- Exhaust Gaskets
- Intake Gaskets
- One Step Colder Iridium Spark Plugs
- K&N Oil Filter
- Break In Oil (Motul 5100 10W40)

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