Price: 5,800,000.00 IDR

Drawing on our 35 years of racing knowledge, the Crawford Closed Loop Air/Oil Separator was engineered and designed to keep all the oil where it belongs, inside the motor.

The Air/Oil Separator solves a simple problem from the manufacturer; it transfers the oil back into the engine via the block not the intake. This not only keeps the vehicle within specs of smog but keeps the oil from coating the tops of the pistons. We all know what that does to any tune you have; it causes detonation, a very bad thing for turbo engines.

So if you want to keep your engine running consistently and strong for years to come make sure you install a race and street proven product from leaders in the industry. Crawford Performance – RESULTS NOT RUMORS

1. The A/O sep only uses one hose to connect to the intake hose before then turbo. Does the turbo hose draw enough vacuum to make the A/O sep work properly? Does it matter that there is or is not enough vacuum?

– Our AOS does not need a vacuum source to function properly. If you connect the top line into the intake before the turbo, the resulting vacuum will help the rings to seal better but will have no actual effect on the AOS itself. The vacuum supplied by the intake tube is available 100% of the time as opposed to the vacuum supplied during off throttle situations within the intake manifold.

2. How does the A/O separate the air and oil?

– Our AOS uses the time tested and proven “round swirl pot” technology as well as internal baffling to separate air from the oil. This is the industry standard when it comes to air / liquid separators. Our AOS system was engineered and tested on our multiple record setting Crawford Performance Time Attack STI.

3. How much pressure will the valve covers reach when pushing oil out?

– There’s a minimal amount of pressure in the valve covers or the crankcase while using a proper ventilating system. The oil that’s pushed out the valve covers happens during high G loads associated with cornering.

4. The blow by that comes out the heads, that will drain back into the crank case. Will this cause the oil to get contaminated? Isn’t that bad?

– If the oil coming out of the motor is clean then the oil returning to the motor from the AOS will be clean as well, the AOS does not add anything into the oil system. That being said, if there’s a contaminate in the oil that’s coming out of the motor then it will drain right back into the motor.

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