Price: 5,800,000.00 IDR


Crawford Performance is proud to announce our latest product, the Billet Power Block (BPB). 

CNC machined from Billet 6061 aluminum, our BPB sandwich between the cylinder heads and the intake manifold to create longer intake runners. The lengthened intake runners enhance the volumetric efficiency of the engine which translated into an increase of 19 Horse Power, 15 Pound Feet of Torque and narrowed up the torque dip by 300RPM on a totally stock BRZ. Our BPB also works with any aftermarket tune, exhaust and intake components. Our original road testing was done in conjunction with our stage 1 reflash followed by extensive dyno testing with and without a tune.

Our BPB kit consists of 23 pieces that make it a complete bolt on system which can be installed in under 30 min. In the kit you will find 2 BPB, 4 Delrin O-rings, 11 mounting bolts, 1 nut, 4 fuel rail shield risers, and 1 support bracket for the direct injection control unit.

For Race applications contact  us directly  for Race Bracket information.



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